Under our Umbrella

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The Chabura

After teaching in Aish HaTorah in Yerushalayim for 10 years, Rav Riber produced hundreds of Talmidim. Many of these young adults don’t have frum homes to return to, and are in need of a religious home base with a Rebbi nearby.  

Somerton serves as a hub for these young men. Here they have a central dira, shabbos meals around the neighborhood, and most importantly, a frum community to call home.  

Nightly shiurim are available for the Chabura, given by Rav Riber and the Yungerleit. Many of these young men have wed and moved into the community.

Russian Programs

Somerton Russian Experience

Somerton is home to a large Russian/Ukranian community.  The Kollel, formerly known as the “Russian Kollel”, works with these Baalei Teshuva to strengthen their Yiddishkeit and Change the Trajectory of their lives to being Ohavei Torah and Yirei Shamayim.  

Weekly Shiurim and Chavrusas are given in Russian by members of the Kollel and the Community.

N’shei of Somerton aims to inspire and unify our diverse community of women. A volunteer leadership team composed of current and former kollel wives along with community members plan and arrange monthly programs throughout the year for women. These range from fun events like a private skate rink evening and a Purim dance party, to bringing in speakers for inspiring learning on various Torah topics. Our yearly women’s Shabbaton is a recharge for the whole community, with many people joining from other communities. We are a diverse community and welcome Jewish women from all backgrounds.

Pictured here is Mrs. Jackie Bitton addressing the N’shei at their melave malka.


Led by women of the community, Bnos is a Shabbos program for middle school girls where they come to shul to learn about the weekly Parsha, sing zemiros and have fun. These girls, and there counselors go on bi-annual trips, and are treated with beautiful Chanukah gifts and decadent Mishaloch Manos.

Somerton Eruv

The community’s eruv, built over 15 years ago, travels approx. 5 miles around our greater community. Each week our dedicated Kollel check the eruv and do impromptu fixes in order for our community to carry on Shabbos worry-free. The Kollel is knowledgeable in basic Hilchos Eruvin, and turn the difficult shailos to our Rosh Kollel Shlita.